2018 Administrator & Featured Speakers


Rev. Molly Cate, Minister Pro-Temp:

A lifelong mystic and student of the Tao Te Ching for over 30 years, Rev. Molly Cate is a graduate of Holmes Institute School of Consciousness Studies in Santa Rosa, CA, where she reveled in the study of consciousness from the perspectives of modern science and philosophy as well as many of the world’s religious and spiritual traditions.

She specializes in teaching practical ways to embody Oneness in everyday life; the many positive, peaceful qualities of Islam, so beset with violence in our time; and the fascinating, emerging intersections of science and spirituality. Her deepest honor in life comes from assisting others in finding their true magnificence, whether through classes, speaking, singing or counseling.


Linda Hawkes, Church Administrative Assistant, Emeritus:

Unity Prayer Chaplain, BAs in Art and Psychology with minors in History and Religious Studies, MA in Education from Humboldt State University; Retired Teacher, Program Director, and Counselor of Developmentally Disabled, Learning Disabled, Emotionally Disturbed and Mentally Ill persons of all ages, former student of Religious Science, Member and student of Unity for 20 years.


2018 Board of Directors



Sharon Rice, Board Secretary  

I, Sharon Rice, a 76 year old widow, have been with Unity here in Eureka since almost the beginning (40+ years). I was on the board for six years and attended meetings for 16 years. I wrote and produced the weekly bulletins and the monthly newsletters, stopping in 1994. I was also a coordinator for a while. I attend Unity, study a Course in Miracles, read the Daily Word on Unity’s phone line, and practice Zen Meditation.


Dwight Winegar, Emeritus

Unity Prayer Chaplain; RSci.P Practitioner Training in Religious Science, Former RSI Youth Advisor; Graduate Studies Rural MBA, Humboldt State University; BA Sociology /Religious Studies minor, UC Santa Barbara; District (Humboldt Pomona) Grange President; Board of Directors Emeritus, Redwood Parks Association; Apple Computer Consultant (ACN).


Nancy Eastham, Emeritus


Kendra Anderson, Emeritus

I have been a life long spiritual seeker.  My education in the Religious Studies program at Humboldt State University opened my eyes to the dimensions of love in many different spiritual faiths.  From a religious perspective, my particular need of healing was in Christianity.  Unity Church of the Redwoods has been a balm to childhood church experience that didn’t illuminate the highest of Christ’s teaching.  I am also a strong fan of interfaith dialog and am grateful to be part of a Church that recognizes the importance of all peoples religious faith.  Finally, I have been involved locally through employment and service in many types of family and children programs.  I would like to recruit assistance to restore Unity of the Redwoods Children’s Program.  May the heart of growth prosper through Unity’s principles in our community.


Carol Saucia, Board President 


Ruth Farmer, Trustee, Co-Treasurer